Ms. Ivy Box Author & Female Entrepreneur

Ms. Ivy Box In a sit down interview, Ms. Ivy Box speaks about her upcoming book (and second book in 6 months) The 365 Go Get HIS Guide and why it took 10 years to write it. The future of her non profit organization Voice T.H.E. Movement, Inc. and why it is NECESSARY to bring her signature event back to her hometown. And why, she disagreed with me when I said that women don’t even understand women. To Find Out More About Ms. Ivy Box visit her website and follow her on all social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube,......

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Anthony Minaya of The About It Life

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs starting up? Anthony Minaya believes that the only real way to figure out what you want to do in entrepreneurship is to dabble into many things. The truth is “you have to work on yourself” he says. How can you expect to have results and not be 100% okay with the person you are when you look in the mirror. How can you be the ultimate version of you? Except the reality of who you are and how you can get better. Every one isn’t meant to be an entrepreneur and that......

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Krystal Elaine from The FeistyHouse to The Well

Krystal Elaine of The Well launching soon… The 1 Percent Mindset meeting with Krystal Elaine (@bykrystalelaine) was a real treat for all my women entrepreneurs. She speaks about the what it takes to conqueror entrepreneurship and the discipline you need to have to stick to something long term even when it isn’t producing money. The creation of The Feisty House became a “Passion Project”. Her popular blog led her calling and transitioned into something even bigger called The Well. Now as a mother and wife, she balances being a supermom and a voice for women entrepreneurs.  But don’t let me tell......

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