I learned that you can get gems from just about anything. After the conversation I had with one of my mentors I knew it was time to whip back into shape… And thats when I remembered what is now known as the Styrofoam Cup Lesson.

After closing a deal, I felt accomplished but more so, I felt I didn’t need to take on anymore for a very long time after my win. After all, I won and I didn’t need to do anymore. It was then my mentor told me, you can either play big and stretch yourself or you can go home and be average.

Depending on the company you keep, you will only grow as much as the best person you are around. And you are only as average as the 5 closest people around you. If you want to get better am I saying forget your friends. No! What I am saying is, it is time to grow and meet some new people that will challenge you to do better. Don’t be a styrofoam cup, plant your seeds in the field. Skies the limit but if you have no where to stretch then you won’t go anywhere.