Founder and Author of The 1 Percent Mindset, Michael Ducille lives by Jim Rohn’s famous quote, “find a way to serve the many, service to many leads to greatness.” He understands that you can reach people in many ways so he created The 1 Percent Mindset’s podcast, motivational album, and is a published author.

He has spoken at conferences, universities, libraries and other outlets around personal development and branding. Although he has spoken to a range of individuals his passion is speaking to young people. He has created a youth entrepreneurship program to give young people an opportunity to own their own and build self-confidence.

The mission is to impact over a million people and to help them reach their full potential by freeing them first in their minds. He is a certified NLP Practitioner and uses those practices to help create awareness.

Michael has received recommendations from corporate professionals to college professors for his commitment to creating results for people. He’s worked with thousands of young people and adults all throughout New York City. He plans on bringing his youth program across the nation and utilizing his online course to start reaching people on a wider scale.

Speaking at BMCC

Michael Ducille, author and speaker introduced his D.I.P method, keys to success to the students at Borough of Manhattan Community College. D.I.P is an acronym for Discipline, Impact, and Process that are essential for creating the success you want in all areas of life.


Interviewing Entrepreneurs

One of the first entrepreneurs I interviewed was Mark Clennon and he spoke about some of the daily disciplined actions needed to perform at a high level. He exhibited The 1 Percent Mindset even before it was founded.